Saving Energy & Internet Heating Controls

Save money with an energy efficient A-rated boiler

The cost of heating your home, especially during the colder months, can account for around 55% of your home energy usage1. Upgrading your current system to an A-rated energy efficient boiler or controls can help to save money on your energy bills.

The age and condition of your boiler and controls affect how efficient it is and how much energy it uses. A modern A-rated condensing boiler uses the latest technology to ensure your home is heated as efficiently as possible and can help to save you money.

Modern condensing boilers come fitted with advanced technical controls that use internet connectivity to achieve even greater cash-saving output. With constant innovation and invention, your heating systems can now be taken online to both save you money and offer you more convenience.

At Ableforce we are pleased to offer some of the most cutting-edge smart units to help you heat your home easily and efficiently.

Thermostats Controls

We’ve always been offering the most up-to-date and modern technologies for our valued clients, installing and setting up a range of market-leading controls. These include the Nest Learning Thermostat – a self-programming unit that gets to know exactly how you like your home to feel – and the Honeywell EvoHome, which allows you to separate your space into smart zones and only heat what you use.

There are many more smart home options available at Ableforce, and our team have the experience and training to set you up with the equipment that’ll keep your home warm when you need to be.

The Benefits of Internet Heating Controls

There are many reasons to pick internet-enabled heating systems and get a smart home, but the main ones are quite simple – convenience and affordability.

With many of the mobile-ready equipment, such as that offered by Nest, you have the potential to control your systems from anywhere in the world. If you’re leaving a pet at home while on holiday, it means you can check your house’s temperature and monitor how long it’ll be heated for, or on a daily basis, boost the heating on your way home from work so it’s warm when you walk in.

What’s more, the level of technology and monitoring capabilities means you no longer have to worry about wasting energy through heating your home. Each of these options can find a solution that suits your lifestyle, then independently work to maintain a natural warmth without any wasted energy.

The Costs of Internet Thermostat Controls

Weighing up the potential savings of an investment in internet heating controls will depend on the size of your property and how often you have the heating on. Whilst there is an initial outlay, their innovative design and mass-market appeal keeps costs down and the potential savings you could make through digital control of your heating systems are huge.

Speak to Ablefore and we’ll conduct an analysis of just how much you could benefit from the installation of internet heating controls, giving you the information you need to come to a practical and costed decision.

By investing in internet heating controls, you can make regular savings on your heating bill as your home will only be heated when you need it to. At Ableforce, we’ll supply and install all you need for a smarter home.

We’d be delighted to assist with your home’s heating and plumbing requirements. Ableforce Services has a multitude of accreditations, qualifications, and a wealth of experience to guarantee a high-quality service. Our engineers cover towns & villages in Kent including, Medway, Maidstone, Tonbridge, East Malling, West Malling, Larkfield, Ditton, Aylesford, Hadlow, Hildenborough, Southborough, Frindsbury and Wainscott. Please call our friendly team for a free quote on 01732755080 or alternatively use our contact form.

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