Protecting your pipes for winter

Winter is one of the toughest seasons with regards to problems in your home. It brings months of consistently cold weather, which is a real issue for your pipes. If you don’t undergo the correct protective measures, your pipes could end up freezing over or completely rupturing during winter.

As such, it’s very important that you follow these tips carefully:

Insulate Your Pipes

There are many pipes in your home that are visible and exposed to the elements more than others. If you can see a pipe, then you need to insulate it – even if you only see it when you open a cupboard. The main way you can do this is by using pipe lagging, which is a type of insulation you wrap around your pipes. Typically, this is a foam-based product and will help trap heat in, as well as protect your pipes from the cold wind.


Make sure you spend a lot of time inspecting areas of your home that aren’t heated properly, such as your attic/loft. Any pipes in these areas must be insulated properly.

Insulate Your Water Tank Too

As well as your pipes, you need to take care of your water tank too. There are insulation jackets you can purchase that wrap around your tanks and keep it nice and warm. This prevents the water from freezing, which will cause all sorts of problems for your internal plumbing system.

Don’t Let Your Home Get Too Cold

It’s crucial that you keep the temperature in your home at a relatively high level throughout winter. Make sure you have a thermostat handy to ensure your house never drops below double figures on the Celsius scale. This may mean you have to keep your heating on for long hours, but it’s worth it to keep your pipes nice and warm. When you’re out of the house, it makes sense to set your heating to a timer, so your home isn’t left without warmth for hours on end. Your central heating doesn’t need to be on full-blast, it should just be warm enough to keep your pipes healthy. For any cupboards with pipes in, you may want to leave them open while the heating is on, so the pipes are more exposed to the heat.

Fix Any Dripping Taps

If you have any dripping taps, this can be a cause for concern in winter. The water slowly makes it’s way out of the tap, meaning it’s susceptible to freeze before it makes it out. Fixing this issues is easier than you think, all that’s required is a quick change of washers.

Drain Your Water System If You’re Going Away

Many of us enjoy going away during the festive season, but this can cause problems for your pipes. If there’s a particularly cold night where the temperature drops well below freezing, this could cause your water system to freeze over, damaging a lot of piping. What you should do is drain the system before you go away. Turn off the stop clock and let all the water drain out of all your taps. This means there’ll be nothing in your pipes to freeze and cause issues while you’re away.


Follow these steps, and you can protect your pipes during the coldest months of the year.