Looking After Your Central Heating System

Your central heating system is an essential part of your home. It helps provide you with warmth during cold periods and provides you with nice hot water for your morning shower. If you keep your central heating system in good shape, it will last a lot longer, and save lots of money on maintenance costs. Not only that but caring for your system will make it more energy efficient, which also helps you save on your monthly bills.

Here are some of the best tips for looking after your central heating system:

Annual Boiler Servicing

When was the last time you serviced your boiler? If the answer is anything other than this year, then you need to book a servicing ASAP. Annual boiler servicing is essential for checking how it’s performing. You can identify any problems with the boiler, ensuring minor repairs are completed before they turn into major issues. A lot of people avoid yearly servicing as they don’t want to spend the money, but it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Use Your Boiler Throughout The Year

When your boiler is turned off for long periods, problems can occur. The parts stop working efficiently, as they’re not used to being turned on. So, make sure you’re constantly using your boiler throughout the year to keep everything working properly. This doesn’t mean it needs to be turned on high for hours on end. Even a small 10-15 minute spell will work wonders. Make sure you do this during summer too, or else risk boiler problems in winter.

Flush & Clean Your System

Typically, most central heating issues occur when debris builds up within the system. This leads to cold spots on radiators and general inefficiency. One top tip is to powerflush your system and cleanse it of any bad things. A qualified engineer can help flood your system with water and cleaning chemicals, which gets rid of any debris and rust, completely flushing it out. This is commonly referred to as a power flush. It will make your central heating system feel brand new, and you should see dramatic improvements in efficiency.

Get Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors can be added to the water inside your system and will prevent nasty things like sludge from congregating. In doing so, this will decrease the corrosion rate quite dramatically. As a result, the lifespan of your system will increase, and you will also see massive efficiency improvements.

Insulate Your Home

Many problems occur when your heating system is forced to work too hard. This normally happens in the cold months, when it’s needed to keep your home warm. A pro tip is to work on insulating your home to prevent heat loss. This will mean your central heating doesn’t have to be set at too high of a temperature, meaning it can function at a much healthier rate. It doesn’t work overtime, and you will experience greater longevity with fewer problems.

All of these tips are designed to help you look after and get the most out of your central heating system. There are so many benefits to doing this, the main one being that you can save so much money over the years.